Press Release: MindShift Gears New House of Cards Provides Outdoor Photographers With Secure and Silent Access to CF and SD Cards

SANTA ROSA, CALIF. (PRWEB) January 08, 2015 MindShift Gear’s new House of Cards lightweight memory card wallet offers convenient storage and protection for outdoor photography memory cards. Offered in easy-to-locate Tahoe Blue color, photographers can quickly find and organize six CF and three SD cards. The built in business card holder makes for easy identification. Its orange colored elastic band offers silent access plus additional wallet security. The House of Cards’ removable tether clip allows it to be worn on the outside for quick access. KEY FEATURES Elastic band provides silent open/close and keeps wallet secure Clear windows […]

POD:First crocus on black

First crocus on black Image by docoverachiever I found our first naturalized crocus of spring yesterday, only to have my Great Dane step on it. At least I have an indoor photography set-up!

How to get your driving licence

2. Pass your theory test: this involves multiple choice questions based on the Highway Code and a hazard perception test. 3. Pass you practical driving test: made up of vehicle safety questions and a driving ability test with an independent driving … Read more on AutoExpress

Press Release: Breakthrough Rhino Documentary Turns to Crowdfunding to Expose the Horrific Business of Poaching

New York, NY (PRWEB) November 26, 2014 Documentary feature film “Something That Matters” takes a raw, first-hand look at the ever-present crisis of poaching looming over one of Africa’s most iconic species. With an average of 3 rhinos killed per day and rhino horns fetching more street value per ounce than cocaine or gold, the stakes are extremely high, and time is running out. Nonprofit organization Lyonheartlove and filmmaker Steven Lyon have launched a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo to complete needed funding to finish the documentary film started years ago. The crowdfunding campaign is offering rewards ranging from the digital […]

Amateur photographer captures pivotal 20th Century moments

Dr Darrell Crain Jr was a rheumatologist and lifelong Washingtonian who died in 1995. Now his photos of some of the 20th Century's defining moments are having a second life. "He liked to take pictures," Alice Makl, Dr Crain's granddaughter says. "He … Read more on BBC News

Article: Tips on How to Go about Photography Melbourne?

{thumbnail}   Photographing Melbourne is a shutter bug’s delight. Being one of the most important cities in the Southern hemisphere of the globe, Melbourne photographer finds the city that radiates an aura like no other city. Melbourne derives its beauty from the well maintained river front, the landscaped and manicured parks and the towering buildings that dominate its skyline. The planning of the city is so eloquent that there is perfect harmony between concrete and green, thereby rendering city photography Melbourne all the more soothing and delicate. The typical Melbourne photographer abounds in the city. Melbourne is just too compelling […]

Press Release: Professional Photographers of America Releases New Video Resources

Atlanta, Ga. (PRWEB) May 26, 2015 Photographers looking for a new way to help their clients See The Difference between professionals and amateurs need look no further than Professional Photographers of America (PPA). Consumers may not have all the necessary information to understand the difference between a professional and an amateur photographer. PPA’s See The Difference campaign shows consumers “the difference” when evaluating photographers. PPA photographers can also download free videos, logos, customizable brochures, and other educational materials to share with their clients. PPA has rolled out six new videos to help photographers educate their clients and prospects. […]

POD:Graflex Speed Graphic 4×5, 1940s

Graflex Speed Graphic 4×5, 1940s Image by national museum of american history This camera is part of the "Cameras Before Digital" display at the National Museum of American History. Graflex cameras were preferred by photojournalists and wartime correspondents. The U.S. Army commissioned combat-green versions for military photographers in World War II and Korea. Handheld Cameras In 1888, George Eastman opened the field of photography to casual enthusiasts with the introduction of the handheld Kodak camera. Unlike earlier, more cumbersome cameras using glass-plate negatives, the Kodak came preloaded with a roll of flexible film and was returned to the manufacturer for […]

Dark Garden To Host Boudoir Photo Sessions This Sunday

And this Sunday, it will open its doors (after hours) to those who are looking to take a little snapshot home with them—in the form of a customized boudoir photo shoot. This Sunday April 25th from 5pm-10pm, Dark Garden will play host to private … Read more on Hoodline