Top Photographer Patrick Ecclesine shoots with the A7r for Vanity Fair.


Just recently Ken Rockwell said Sony cameras are for hobbyist and not real photographers and artists like himself. Well it seems that person’s WAY more professional than him disagree with Ken: Vanity Fair just posted a great piece about the photo shoot for Demi Lovato’s latest album Confident (written by the photographer Patrick Ecclesine,, and in one of the photos, she is holding, ostensibly, Patrick’s camera. It appears to be a Sony A7R with a Canon 24-70 2.8 on it. If Sony needed any further evidence that professionals will happily shoot the A7 with a quality 24-70 2.8 on […]

Get The Most Out Of Your Photography With These Tips!


For some people, knowing the key information on photography can be hard. Most people do not know who to go to for photography advice. Continue reading this article to find everything you need to know about photography and more! Reduce your f/stop or aperture if you are going to take pictures in a dark environment. In a low-light setting, you need to open the aperture as far as it can go, which lets in enough light to make the subject visible. The ISO, aperture and shutter speed are an important part of photos so make sure you know the combination […]

Fabulous Photo Book Ideas


Collating a photo album to give as a gift has been a time honoured tradition since photography became popular back in the early 1900s. Every house is full of photo books which chart history and are a pictorial representation of the family tree. Now that digital photography has replaced using film, and we are all happy snappers, it is possible to create albums for just about any occasion. Here are some excellent ideas for creating a photo book. The perfect wedding present for a couple is a photo book that includes their life right up to the wedding day. Gather […]

Wise man of the wilds

… Wildlife Photographer of the Year award in 1986, and recipient of the Indian government's Lifetime Photography Award last year, Rajesh Bedi is not very happy at the veritable explosion in wildlife photography with the coming of digital photography. Read more on Daily News & Analysis

Mario Macilau: The street child who became a top photographer

But all this time I was learning – I read books, and through volunteering with NGOs I learned English. When I was about 14, I borrowed a friend's camera. I started to take photographs of my surroundings, documenting people from the townships as they … Read more on BBC News

Photo students explore war games, migration and climate change

Students on the postgraduate documentary photography and photojournalism course at the University of Westminster present their final projects at an exhibition in London on 21 August. Here we present a selection of the projects that will be on show … Read more on BBC News (blog)

Article: How To Put Love Into Pictures

An adept photographer binds those pages in a way that tells the true tale of the day so that it can be read and reread by present and future generations. There are those who have the ability to tell the fairytale from their perspective and values and those who are incapable of spinning the saga at all, all of whom charge good money for their services. There are also those who forget their own viewpoints and depict your memories authentically. There are photographers who have snatched their styles from the air, creating a list of techniques that could fill a […]

10 Pakistani photographers worth following on Instagram

KARACHI: Browsing Instagram has become part of our daily routines, and with over 150 million active users, there are a myriad uses for Instagram; be it to browse through travel photography, food, fashion or fitness. Since its launch, Instagram has … Read more on The Express Tribune